From the owners, Attila and Gyuszi:

We grew up in Hungary with a dream of coming to the US. We went to the same college, competed in high-level sports, shared a love and passion for partying and entertaining and turned our dorm room into a party hub for everyone. We ran some of the most popular bars and clubs in London and Hungary, such as The Babushka, The Orange Cafe Rock Club, and The Jimi Hendrix Music Pub Restaurant. In 2000, we launched the GENIUS Cafe-Bar in Hungary, a place that American tour-books praised as “one of the best places to go”. The last one was a favorite hangout for American medical students in Debrecen. When we moved to New York, we brought our passion for music, creating amazing cocktails and hospitality. Two years later, we achieved another milestone by opening and successfully running KEYBAR in New York’s East Village, a vibrant and trendy neighborhood. Life is full of surprises and opportunities. We went from being college graduates in Hungary, to bar owners in Manhattan.

Now in 2023, we are ready to start a new chapter by relocating KEYBAR from the East Village to Bushwick. Bushwick is a rising star in the big apple, with a lot of great energy, ambitious young talented people, and a similar vibe to what the East Village had 20 years ago when we started there. We are grateful for every friendship we have made over these amazing years, as we work with passion and look ahead. Our hospitality philosophy remains our top priority. We feel proud and honored when our old friends from the American medical school visit KEYBAR and enjoy the same Rolo shot they had 23 years ago at our place in Hungary. It shows that we have done something right, something that can only be measured by the loyalty of our customers. Cheers and see you at KEYBAR, the place where everyone is welcome. Attila and Gyuszi.